I offer a range of services - drawing on my 14 years of experience as an actor, writer, teacher and creativity and confidence coach - all designed to enhance your self confidence, motivation and creativity.

▪️Public speaking and presentation coaching.

▪️Confidence and Creativity Coaching. (Why not grab one of my coveted one hour Creative Confidence online calls for £99 as a taster)

▪️Workshops - using drama skills such as improvisation and comedy to help your teams maximise their creativity and collaboration.

▪️Acting and audition classes.

▪️I write long and short form articles for online and print publications on a variety of wellness topics.

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I'll teach you some pretty amazing stuff, including brilliant ideas for viewing things in fresh and interesting ways. Very often, simply through switching up our established perceptions about ourselves and our worlds we can transform our experience! So, with that in mind, here’s a little food for thought ...

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So here is the first in my little series on Super States!!👩‍🎤 Super States are basically the most brilliant states of mind you can be in (in pretty much every situation...)☀️🧘🏻‍♀️ These videos are peppered with interesting, practical thoughts on how to go about getting into these optimum states of mind so you don't ever have to feel at the mercy of crappy stuff/people/situations!! And instead can simply hone your calmest, most confident, most flexible and most able to have a sense of humour you - you can possibly be!!😁


It seems kind of obvious doesn’t it, but that doesn’t seem to stop us from getting stuck, sometimes for years, in doing the same things over and over and somehow expecting things to turn out differently. Einstein said that was the definition of insanity! But we all do it - we’re really trying to sort things out, but if we’re just doing the same thing each time then how can it?  But often by being more creative, more flexible and just doing something different - ANYTHING different - it’s interesting to notice what naturally turns up in our lives as a result.

Here's the 2nd in my wee series on what I'm calling Super States!! Tips and tricks on how to feel your best and by practicing these things they become much easier to trigger which means you can feel really good really often!!


Think about a map. It gives you an idea of what a place will be like but it’s certainly not the real thing. In the same way, our idea of the scope of the world is just an approximation. There’s more to it than that! The maps of the world that we have in our heads, just like any other map, will need updating from time to time to reflect the fact that things change. When we learn to develop our views, experiences and relationships beyond what it says on our maps we can achieve a far richer experience. Just because what you want isn’t currently on your map doesn’t mean you can’t have it.

Here's the 3rd in my little series on Super States!!👩‍🎤 This one is perhaps a tad surprising and very cool! I love how this stuff is really simple and practical but also meaningful... I even somehow manage to get my favourite duck analogy in there too... not entirely sure how...🦆🤣


We all exist in the same world, we all have the same bits. And yet some people appear to be really successful, in the way we would like to be, and we don’t feel able to access that type of success.  So many of us say things like ‘I’m not a confident person’ or  ‘I’m just not good at that’, but these types of limiting beliefs really get in the way of our success and happiness because we see them as truths. Are you confident that you can tie your shoelaces? Then you’re capable of confidence! It sounds almost too simple to be true, but confidence is confidence. If you can be confident of one thing, you can be confident of anything, and that’s true of so many other states - I can teach you how to access the state you want whenever you want it and change your mood at will.

Herewith the fourth in my little mini series on Super States👩‍🎤 (which I've clearly really got into saying a lot!!😂) This one is all about confidence... not to be confused with arrogance or getting everything 'right' all of the time (not possible and possibly rather boring...)!! But a genuine, centred sense of 'I've got this'...


We don’t particularly like being wrong, but very often we’re given ‘feedback’. Imagine if we were able to consider feedback as interesting, useful information which simply enabled us to do it even more brilliantly next time, and didn’t consider ourselves wrong or broken in some way. You didn’t give up walking just because you fell over the first few times! If you could think ‘ooh that’s interesting’ rather than ‘ooh I’m just s**t’ then the world can be your lobster!

Today I'd like to have a little rant about an expression that we use all the time and we mean well with it but it properly does my head in!!

People often ask me how I got into my style of coaching and a lot of it is down to being an actor back in the day and pretty constantly struggling with nerves and confidence ups and downs - at RADA a teacher of mine said I wouldn't be able to be a writer and make my own work - which, when I focussed in on getting my confidence back only served as fuel to go out and do a freaking one woman show which got 5 star reviews in the west end last year⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!! Here's an amazing note I dug out of my programme from the director of the show and generally amazing woman Gabi Maddocks to keep me feeling goooood☀️👩‍🎤 Stuff like this really fuels me to help others get their freaking confidence back too!

Turn your sound up and get on the beach!


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